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Welcome to Shaun Guerin's music info website

I am nearly finished with the next solo album called "The Epic Quality of Life."  I think it's the best work I've done and I am looking forward to its relaese, hopefully by the end of August.  Go to for more information.  Paul Whitehead will once again do the artwork for the album and it will be in the form of the mini album format.

Check out the GIG page to find out what's coming up.  ProgDay is on the horizon.
Also, check out some reviews for my CD and other projects by clicking on "Reviews and Kudos".

Email address is

What's New?


I will be playing drums on the next Rocket Scientists album, starting in the middle of the year.


By The Dark Of Light is getting airplay on and Planet Prog

Check out A Fair Forgery of Pink Floyd.  I contributed a track as well as other great performers such as the Mike Keneally Band, and the guys that put it together, Which One's Pink?  Check out the URL below.


"By the Dark of Light"

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