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The Music of Shaun Guerin
About Shaun Guerin



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I have been playing drums since the age of seven years old. I was brought up around music with my father, John Guerin, who also plays drums, going to clubs and to some studio dates. It was inevitable that I would attempt to sit behind his huge drum kit and bang away. Luckily with that, I was given the support to continue to play, and I did. I was a big Beatle fan and at an early age I remember pointing to Magical Mystery Tour at a record store, asking my mother to buy it for me. Later, I got into Hendrix, Cream and Janis Joplin. And then it happened; I heard Emerson, Lake and Palmer! I then proceeded to seek out more progressive rock music and found Egg, Gong, Hatfields and the North, King Crimson, Gentle Giant and Genesis. Life has never been the same.

I am presently signed to Clearlight Music and in the process of recording my second solo album.

Other Backround: Born in San Diego. Cat lover. Favorite color is blue. Vic Firth stix and Fibes drums.

Shaun and Fibes drums

Favorites Albums

Selling England By The Pound
The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway
Trick of the Tail
Wind and Wuthering
And Then There Were Three
Shaming of the True
Rotters Club
Three of a Perfect Pair